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What is now called Dublin was originally known as Dubh Linn, which in Irish means 'black pool'. Found beside Dublin Castle, this was the meeting point of the small River Poddle and the tidal River Liffey. Nowadays, Baile Átha Cliath is the modern Irish name of the capital city, which translates to 'town of the ford of the hurdles'. The reasoning behind this is that the four main Irish travelling routes all intersected at a point on the River Liffey. At this point, wooden hurdles were laid down to form a primitive bridge when the tide was at its lowest point. In the early 9th century AD, the Vikings landed, and raided places of worship near the mouth of the two rivers. Over the next few years, they established a home here. (Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/6873135)

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By the early 10th century AD, Dublin was the principal city under Viking control. As they became predominately Christian, Christ Church Cathedral was built. In the late 12th century, the city came under the control of the Norman forces, led by Richard FitzGilbert de Clare (popularly nicknamed Strongbow). Two years later Henry II arrived on Irish shores, and proclaimed Dublin to be the capital of Norman held land in Ireland, around which the Anglo/Norman territory revolved. Christ Church was restored in accordance with the Gothic tastes of the time, and the foundations of St Patrick's Cathedral were laid. In the early 14th century, Robert the Bruce, along with his brother Edward, arrived from Scotland to invade Dublin. Their forces were successfully held back, but at the price of much bloodshed. In the mid 14th century the Black Death decimated much of Dublin's population.

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From the late 14th century to the late 15th century, the control exerted by the Crown over Irish lands gradually loosened until eventually coastal areas and a hinterland on the borders of Dublin, colloquially called the Pale, were the main areas where they made their authority felt. However, in the late 15th century the Tudor crown again sent in their forces, and over the next century Dublin played a major part in the struggle for dominance. In the early 17th century the Earl of Tyrone finally conceded defeat, and the British were now the rulers of all of Ireland. Over the next 50 or so years, the Protestant faith became more and more prevalent as the Crown decided that all its subjects should follow one religion. St Patrick's and Christ Church Cathedrals were renovated and converted.

The period from the late 17th century to the late 18th century was a peaceful time, with Dublin growing to become the second largest city in the Commonwealth. By the mid 1700s, Dublin had almost 130,000 inhabitants. What is now the splendid Bank of Ireland on College Green, facing Trinity College, was built as a house of parliament in the early 18th century, making the Green the social centre of the city. The much-photographed imposing entranceway and frontage of Trinity College itself was finished in the mid 18th century. After the 1798 Rebellion, the Dublin Parliament was disbanded. As the upper classes left the city, money left with them, and the local economy first stagnated, then declined. During the years of the Great Famine, the city's population exploded as starving refugees migrated here.

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The Rising of Easter Monday 1916 left Dublin's centre, especially that near the General Post Office, in ruins. When the War of Independence broke out, guerrilla forces waged war on and around the streets. In May of 1921 the Custom House was set alight by the Irish Republican Army. The terms of the Anglo-Irish Treaty, signed in 1921, instructed that Dublin be assigned as the capital of the newly created Irish Free State. Civil war broke out regarding various aspects of the Treaty, during which the army of the Free State attacked key structures around O'Connell Street, and the Four Courts. Up to the mid 1960s, Dublin was a relatively run down city, as it was the capital of a country which was trying to break away from and become independent of the Crown, albeit with a weak economy. However, Ireland's membership of the EEC heralded a change in the city's fortunes. It grew exponentially, and in 1979 an audience of over 1,000,000 watched Pope John Paul II celebrate mass in the Phoenix Park. 1988 was Dublin's Millennium year. In 1991 it was crowned the European Capital of Culture.

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