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If you think corporate events should ...

  • be inclusive
  • be motivational
  • be fun
  • be challenging
  • be used for team building
  • develop creative thinking
  • develop planning skills
  • develop communication skills
  • require teamwork for success

... then the Dublin treasure hunt is for you.

Dublin Corporate events treasure hunt

How the Dublin Treasure Hunt will Benefit Your Company

The benefits to your company will be felt in several directions. First and foremost, the Dublin treasure hunt can be presented as a corporate event. It is in fact an excellent team building exercise. By billing it as a company away day in Dublin, you will avoid the inevitable moans and groans when a team building day is announced.

Secondly, it is something that anyone can take part in. The way we structure your Dublin corporate event, no-one will be left standing around waiting for their 'turn', something that conventional corporate events and team building fails to address in most cases.

Amongst the many other benefits, the Dublin treasure hunt enables the development of communication, planning and creative thinking.

You can mix your staff so that they get to know others from different departments thus helping your employees to break down barriers between departments. It affords the opportunity for management to interact with staff in a relaxed situation

During your treasure hunt, you'll actively turn teamwork into results. Your teams will learn new techniques for reducing errors, increasing production and inspiring innovation. All this is done in a relaxing and enjoyable way, solving amazing, mind-boggling challenges - planning, communicating, navigating and problem solving. The perfect learning environment and team building by stealth

Choose a Dublin treasure hunt when you ...

  • ...want to get a new team to gel
  • ...want to freshen up delegates at a conference/training event
  • ...want to close a crucial deal by involving your clients and sales force in a corporate day out
  • ...need to help an existing team to overcome personality and style differences
  • reward your employees with a relaxing day out in Dublin

But why choose us for your Dublin treasure hunt?

  • Because of our experience
  • Because we supply treasure hunts to other leading corporate events management companies
  • Because of our innovative ideas - hunts can be run using smartphones or be paper based
  • Your treasure hunt will be fully customised to suit your sepcific industry and company. We do much more than just adding your company name and logo to each page!
  • Because our hunts challenge as well as entertain - your staff won't even realise they are team building (if you don't tell them, we won't!!)