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The Dublin Treasure Hunt ...

  • is inclusive
  • is fun and motivational
  • is challenging
  • has factual, fun and silly clues
  • has a 'shopping list'
  • has a word quiz

... so everyone is always involved one way or another

Image: seen on a Dublin Treasure Hunt.
Image: the Dublin treasure hunt is customised to suit you.

How the Dublin Treasure Hunt Works

Your Dublin treasure hunt or scavenger hunts can be written with start and finish locations to suit you. It is available for groups to do on foot, by car or by public transport. We could even write one for cyclists if you are organising a cycle club outing to Dublin!

The Dublin treasure hunt has factual, fun, hard, observation and silly clues..........there is a shopping list and a word quiz as well as photographs to take thus keeping all team members busy, unlike conventional events when you always have people hanging around doing nothing. By using digital cameras you will have a lasting memory of your day.

Your treasure hunt can be customised exactly to your needs. If you are a corporate client, we can slant the clues towards your business, thereby making it even more interesting for your employees.

If you are on a Dublin stag weekend or hen weekend, we can supply a self-managed treasure hunt and will customise it for the stag or hen party and can even include tasks that are particular to your group ... providing that they are legal of course!! The same applies for family and social club groups.

So as you can see, the Dublin treasure hunt is supremely flexible and can be tailored to virtually any group. So hop on a ferry or a plane now and come on over to Dublin ...

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